The Single Parent Homeschool

If someone had told me fifteen years ago, after the birth of my second child, that within a short period of time I would lose my husband to cancer and go on to raise and homeschool my two children alone, I would have thought that person was delusional. Yet, that’s exactly what happened. It has not been…

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Gardening Interests

If you follow a September through June school schedule like our family does, then you are getting ready to finish your school year. As things wind down in our home, other things wind up. Time in the garden replaces time in the “classroom” and days become more carefree. Speaking of gardening, we have used this activity several…

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Teachers are Seed Planters

As I glanced over at my garden this morning, something caught my eye. I could see what appeared to be a flower blooming next to the arbor. I thought for certain I was mistaken since I had not planted anything in that spot this year or last year. I went over to investigate. To my surprise, a…

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Becoming Outdated

When I began homeschooling, I gave little thought to what I was potentially leaving behind. Fortunate to have another source of income, I went on hiatus from my “career” for several years to raise my young boys. As my kids grew, I completed some freelance work, but my primary focus was on my family and homeschooling. Now…

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Having Fun with Food Labels

Since March was National Nutrition Month, you may have taught a lesson or two on nutrition. Or, maybe you just considered it. No matter what age your children are, there are ways to teach them about the foods and drinks that they consume each day and why they matter. One fun way to do this is to…

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Facing New Challenges

Even though we have been homeschooling for twelve years, this school-year began with some new challenges. Our homeschool cooperative was faced with a level of adversity that it had never before experienced. We have been blessed to be part of this group for a very long time, nearly a decade. In that time, my children and I…

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Preventing the Winter Blues

With the busyness of the holidays behind us, the new year can be a time of rest or a time of fresh beginnings with ambitious resolutions. As the month wears on, with gray days and cold temperatures, it can also be a time of dreariness. As the frigid weather in some areas hinders regular outdoor playtime, cooped…

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Quieting the Inner Critic

As I sat and listened to each of the children read their short stories, I was amazed. These kids had excellent writing skills. It didn’t take long for my enjoyment and wonder to turn to negativity as my inner critic emerged. “My kids can’t write like that,” I thought, “I must be a failure.” Oh, how quickly the enemy creeps in! (more…)

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Planning to Finish Strong

As spring sets in, thoughts about finishing the school year may surface. This is a great time to refocus and look toward the finish. This may be a source of excitement or stress. Are you on track? Are you frustrated with the school year? (more…)

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Reteaching for Understanding

Although we may have the best of intentions with our lesson plans and instruction, sometimes we are not effective teachers. I had this experience recently. I was teaching a mock trial class for our homeschool co-op and discussing the types of questions that are used during a direct examination of a witness. Once I had finished my instruction, I asked the kids to create questions for the witnesses of our case. My helper and I walked around and observed the class as they worked. Before long, it was apparent that the kids did not really understand the concept. We tried to clarify what they were supposed to do and then let them continue with the task. (more…)

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