Earn Extra Cash with Bank Bonuses

If you’re anything like I was, you don’t spend time thinking about banking. Maybe you only ever deal with one bank and are convinced that it’s good enough. All banks are basically the same, right? Wrong. (more…)

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Quieting the Inner Critic

As I sat and listened to each of the children read their short stories, I was amazed. These kids had excellent writing skills. It didn’t take long for my enjoyment and wonder to turn to negativity as my inner critic emerged. “My kids can’t write like that,” I thought, “I must be a failure.” Oh, how quickly the enemy creeps in! (more…)

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Planning to Finish Strong

As spring sets in, thoughts about finishing the school year may surface. This is a great time to refocus and look toward the finish. This may be a source of excitement or stress. Are you on track? Are you frustrated with the school year? (more…)

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Five Step Plan for Independent Study

One of my goals in homeschooling is to encourage my children to become lifelong learners. I desire that my kids pursue their interests and learn continually throughout their lives. Completing an independent study is a great way for students to learn about something outside of their regular curriculum or to expand on a topic that they have learned. (more…)

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New Year’s Resolution: Rest

The new year brings with it the promise of a fresh start. We make goals and write resolutions. We edit lesson plans and evaluate our students’ progress. Then, we forge full-steam ahead into the new year convinced that our efforts will be fruitful. But, what happens before winter’s end? (more…)

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Keeping it Simple

Through the years, I have found that the way I approach choosing curriculum has changed. When my children were young, I used a thematic unit study approach to teach most of their subjects. It required some research on my part, but it was a simple strategy. It provided for many opportunities to expand on topics and follow…

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Don’t Forget Financial Fitness

Sometimes we can get so caught up in academics that we forget to teach our kids important life skills. Now, I’m not talking about basic life skills, like brushing your teeth or doing household chores. I’m talking about things like money management. Do your children know what it takes to create a budget? (more…)

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Distractions and Anxiety


Over the past several weeks, I have experienced a heightened sense of anxiety. As it usually goes with me, whenever my anxiety goes up, so does my compulsion with distractions. (more…)

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25 Lessons Learned on Our First Disney World Trip

Disney World has been on my brain lately. Maybe it’s because last year around this time I was carefully planning our first “real” vacation. Or, maybe it’s because I happened to see a good deal on a flight to Orlando recently. Whatever the reason, I thought I would share some lessons that I learned from our first trip to Disney World. For reference, we stayed on-site for five nights at a Value Resort.


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70 Class Ideas for Groups

My kids have enjoyed some wonderful classes with our homeschool co-op. Our group tends to concentrate on offering classes that require kids to work together, something not easily done at home with just one family, and classes that might not typically be taught in a homeschool. This is one of the reasons why I love our co-op. We do some really cool things! Are you looking for class ideas for your group? Then this list is for you. (more…)

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